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The ITER Project

The ITER Project The ITER Project is an international collaborative research and development project which Korea and six other technologically advanced countries(EU, Japan, USA, Russia, China, India) have created to jointly construct and operate the ITER fusion research reactor. Its objective is to demonstrate the scientific, technological and commercial feasibility of fusion power. In Latin, “ITER” refers to a “way” or “passage” thus giving additional meaning to the project as “the path to fusion power generation”.

The Objective of the ITER Project

The final scientific and technological feasibility of fusion power through the construction and operation of the ITER device which produces 500 MW of fusion power in condition where D-T would provide Q≥10 Q

The ITER Parties


한국 , EU, 일본, 미국, 러시아, 중국, 인도 (7개국)

Project Duration

  • 1988 ~ 2001 (14 years): Conceptual and Engineering Design
  • 2007 ~ 2019 (12 years): Device Construction
  • 2017 ~ 2037 (18 years): Device Operation
  • 2037 ~ 2042 (5 years): Deactivation
  • After 2042: Decommissioning

ITER Project Cost by phase

Total project cost: 13.18 billion Euro

ITER Project Cost by phase
Construction phase 4,584.7klIUA 2007~2019(12year)
Operation phase 188 kIUA per year 2019~2037(18year)
Deactivation phase 281 MEuro 2037~2042(5year)
Decommissioning phase 530 MEuro After 2040
TOTAL 13,178 MEuro(Estimates)  


ITER History
1988. 4 Launch of the ITER Project (Creating the ITER Council under IAEA)
2001. 7 Completion of the final ITER engineering design (FDR published)
2003. 6 Join the ITER Project
2005. 6 Signing of the ITER Joint Implementation Agreement (21 Nov, Paris)
2005. 12 Completion of the ITER Joint Implementation Agreement (Jeju Island, Korea)
- Cost sharing, Procurement items, India’s entry
2006. 11 Signing of the ITER Joint Implementation Agreement (21 Nov, Paris)
2007. 10 Effectuation of the ITER Joint Implementation Agreement and Establishment of the ITER organization
2010. 7 ITER Project Baseline Approved (28 July, 2010, Cadarach)

ITER Construction Schedule

ITER Construction Schedule is ITER Joint Implementation Agreement in 2006, License to Construct in 2007, Tokamak Assembly Starts in 2012, First plazma in 2016


ITER Site's airscape in 2009(Cabarache, located in southern France(2009) → 18 Buildings, 180 Hectares)

Cadarache, located in southern France

Authorities concerned