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The researches for the establishment of foundation of Korean Fusion Demonstration Plant (K-DEMO) design and development of core technologies which could not achieved through KSTAR and ITER projects are carried out. The achievement of key technologies for the future use of fusion energy, through the exploration of and concentration on the research fields with strong-points, is the final goal.

The research on the advanced technologies covers

  • Conceptual design study and establishment of physics and engineering design for K-DEMO
  • Development of advanced divertor/blanket concepts and key technologies for K-DEMO
  • Development of the integrated tokamak simulator, a compulsory tool for the K-DEMO analyses

The concept development and establishment of infrastructure for K-DEMO covers

  • Development of the technology road-map, strategy, and planning for K-DEMO
  • Concept definition of the major systems of K-DEMO and development of analysis codes for design
  • Derivation of the optimized concept for K-DEMO based on the technical readiness levels in the future

Derivation of divertor/blanket concepts for K-DEMO and development of the related core technologies covers

  • Derivation and performance analyses for the advanced divertor for K-DEMO exposed to the high heat flux conditions
  • Design optimization and performance analysis on blanket for tritium breeding and heat extraction
  • Research for the advanced material for the use in the high neutron flux environment of K-DEMO

Development of the Integrated Tokamak Simulator covers

  • Development of simulation codes including plasma turbulence, transport and MHD instability
  • Improvement and validation of simulation codes based on the analyses on KSTAR experimental data
  • ITER performance simulation and design analysis of K-DEMO by using the developed simulation codes

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