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Characteristics of Plasma Application Technologies

  • Plasma can be defined the 4th state of matter and consists of universe as many as 99%. The electrical and magnetic properties of plasma is quiet different from the gaseous matter. Plasma application technologies based on the specific properties of plasma.
  • The operating conditions for plasma can be in various environments, from ultra low to atmospheric pressure. Plasma application technologies have been in application for pressure many industrial fields such as BT, NT, IT, ET, and ST.
  • Plasma application technologies rarely issue environmental problems but also can be in use for the remediation of the green house gases and pollutions.

Plasma Application Technologies in NFRI

Edge plasma physics in Fusion plasma
  • Plasma Sheath studies
  • Linear Divertor Simulator (MP2)
Semiconductor and Display industry
  • Development of Hyper-thermal Neutral Beam (HNB) technologies for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Atmospheric Pressure (AP) Plasma Technologies for TFT-LCD manufacturing
  • Atmospheric Pressure (AP) Plasma Technologies for semiconductor and device packing manufacturing

Energy Technologies

  • Hydrogen reforming from the water steam
  • Environmental Technologies

Environmental Technologies

  • High concentration ozonated water for water purification
  • Environmental friendly pesticide for agriculture
  • Rust-free water pipe manufacturing technologies

Bio Technologies

  • HNB Technologies for protein structure analysis
  • Plasma sterilization device

Space Technologies

  • Plasma thruster for a satellite
  • Plasma propulsion for a space navigation

Plasma Lightning Technologies

  • Hollow Cathode Plasma technologies for EUV generation

Information Technologies

  • Plasma numerical simulator in a Web
  • Construction of Atomic and Molecular Data Base

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