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KSTAR project

ITERThe Sun of Korea, KSTAR The next generation superconducting nuclear fusion research(KSTAR)
Korean Superconduction Tokamak Advanced Research

The next Generation Superconducting nuclear fusion research(KSTAR)

What is KSTAR (Korean Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research)?

KSTAR, a tokamak-typed nuclear fusion reactor, is being developed by the researchers and scientists of NFRI, Korea, and will be the cornerstone of constructing a Korean fusion power plant. It was December 1995 when the construction of KSTAR started, and was completed in August 2007. KSTAR will conduct a variety of experiments and tests which materialize the fusion energy development.

What is a Tokamak?

It is a nuclear fusion device for confining ultra high temperature plasma using the magnetic field, which is served as an environment where nuclear fusion like the one of the Sun takes place.

Construction and Operation Plan of KSTAR

Construction and Operation Plan of KSTAR
  1. The 1st Phase `95▶`97 (KSTAR Conceptual Design & Enabling Technogy R&D)
  2. The 2st Phase `98▶`01 (KSTAR Engineering Design & Development)
  3. The 3st Phase `02▶`07 (KSTAR Manufacture.Assemble and Installation)
  4. 2007.8(Complete Construction of KSTAR Main Device)
KSTAR Operating Plan
  1. The 1st Phase `07▶`10 (Establishment of Superconducting Tokamak Operating Technologies)
  2. The 2st Phase `11▶`15 (Development of Long-time Operating Technologies)
  3. The 3st Phase `16▶`20 (Development of Highly effcient AT Operating Technologies)
  4. The 4st Phase `21▶`25 (Development of Nuclear Fusion Reactor Technologies)

KSTAR : Inauguration of Nuclear Fusion Energy Era

  • The International Joint R&D Hub of Nuclear Fusion Energy.
  • The Nursery of Professionals and Experts for Nuclear Fusion Research.
  • The Expansion of Domestic Industral Base for Nuclear Fusion Reactor Construction & Development.
  • The Development of Critical Technologies Necessary for Korean Fusion Power Plant Construction.

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