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Brown's gas generator development and building research infrastructure


Date of registration 2009-04-23

Major achievement

▣ Brown's gas generator upgrade

  - Connecting magnetron(600W) and 20 plasma reactors in row
  - magnetron and plasma reactor : supply power 600W, supply water 137.5g/hr=2.85 lpm
  -12kW Brown's gas generator : supply power12kW, supply water 2,750g/hr=55 lpm


Production of Brown's gas by direct dissociation of water vapor, i.e., splitting water molecules by electrons in the water using micro wave plasma discharge

 - This technology shows practical use of hydrogen energy with micro plasma hydrogen generator

Socioeconomic ripple effect

Building hydrogen economy infrastructure using plasma application technology NFRI developed

 - Local provinces and industries participate in actual business can transfer related technology 
 - Reinvigorate local economy and applicate green growth technology throughout national research institute


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